A free block puzzle with strategy in mind: a new 3D take on retro classic falling bricks games, sliding tile puzzles, brick breaker arcades, mahjong & tangram brain teasers
✔ Think outside the box: unique tactics and strategy
✔ Robust and smooth 3D Graphics
✔ Addictive and fun block puzzle
✔ No pressure, no ticking clock, no rush, totally stress-free: The Ultimate Time Killer
✔ Google Play Games enabled: check your high scores and achievements online

Drag blocks around the board and fill empty space. Complete horizontal or vertical line of blocks without gaps, like in classic falling brick games. When such a line is created, it disappears.

If you like 2048, retro Brick Breaker games, 15, Mahjong or Zuma, you should try this puzzle.

★ Really fun. Addictive and gets your brain thinking
★ One of the few truly excellent block puzzles for free out there
★ Awesome. Addictive time killer, almost controlled my mind
★ Real challenge for strategy driven people. Strains your brain to limits
★ Hardcore brain buster. I really love a game that keeps me thinking & brain fit, and this does it.
★ Time consuming and fun

TetroCrate 3D is not a tetris clone and is not affiliated with or endorsed by the trademark owners of Tetris, Tetris Holding and Tetris Company

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