The ultimate art app for kids! Drawing, coloring, sketching, scratching, color matching! Designed specifically for toddlers (age 1-5) and their parents! This free collection of games is educational and fun at the same time. List of games included in this set:

– Drawing – choose from 9 different outlines to trace and draw, you can also color them using 12 pencils, this game is perfect for teaching children how to draw basic pictures like car, dog or plane.

– Coloring – over 25 pictures to color, just touch and smudge to fill them with beautiful colors, this game will teach our little ones attention to detail and give them inspiration for future coloring!

– Scratch – can you guess what is hidden beneath this foggy glass? Choose between 12 hidden pictures of animals, in order to discover them, kids will have to focus and scratch, scratch, scratch!

– Color Matching – in order to see the hidden picture, kids have to find matching pairs of identical colors. It's not always as easy as it seems!

– Stickers – 10 backgrounds and over 70 stickers to play with. Just pick any and put anywhere you want, Cars and Pirates/Mermaids themes.

– Art Quiz – we included 10 great paintings in this game, with them come 6 details in squares. Your goal is to match correct square with the painting. This will not only train attention to detail but also introduce children to the world of great art!

Ola&Olo games are always free of charge (also WITHOUT in-app purchases)… and ALMOST free of advertising. We do not display those irritating huge whole screen ads! Just a simple banner on the bottom of the screen. Our games are frequently updated with new content, so don't uninstall them – kids never get bored with Ola&Olo!

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