When we were younger, we all wanted to be cops. I still do not know what I ever wanted this but I felt better when I tell others that I am a cop. Being a cop is not easy, because you have to be very responsible, have a very developed culture and have a highly developed level of intelligence. Today we will see how it is to be a police shotgun that has to go on a mission with the police car because it was an accident. You must follow instructions and respect them, but be very careful driving.

1) First, you must choose how you want to drive a police car, with the steering wheel or by turning the phone.
2) You need to finish the level without getting hit new obstacles or other cars, in order not to damage the car and you do not have to start from the beginning
3) Be careful not to hit the police car because you will be punished.
4) If you finish the race faster, you get more points, and if you finish in seconds given limit, you get a few points, that means you do not get the seconds to the next level.

After completing the game, you can consider yourself a real cop because you successfully met these samples and are very prepared. This game police cars is very new, and you put to the test many skills and tests your skills.

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Good Luck!

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