Seize the throne! Defend, Invade, and Dominate your foes in the tower-building Android strategy game of the year!

Rise above a world of bandits and barbarians to become the greatest Warlord of all. Expand your village with Mines, Mills, Towers, and Temples – and raise your walls high above the battlefield, because thieves are coming for YOUR tribal treasure! Fight back with daring raids on your friends and foes – and with units like Archers, Valkyries, and even *BEES!*, they won't stand a chance. Prepare yourself for war in TRIBAL RUSH – true mobile strategy where survival is only the beginning!


• The Heroes Have Landed – Build the all-new Hero Hall and recruit these 6 unstoppable juggernauts to your side! With T-Bone, Zenith, Reaper, A'niaj, Leiji, and Crusher, the battlefield will never be the same!
• Raised Level Caps – Get your Builders ready, because the time to upgrade is now! Stalwart can now be raised to level 15, and some defenses can reach level 20.
• Demolish Ally Structures – Need some extra space? Now you can remove ally-donated structures that don't mesh with your layout plans.
• Various other bugfixes, combat adjustments, and UI optimizations

Play now to discover the fresh features and thrilling strategic combat of Tribal Rush!
Game Features:

• Build Your Village – expand your empire from humble beginnings into a true tribal juggernaut !
• Defend Your Tribe – protect your Tribal Hall against bandits and rival Warlords with an upgradeable arsenal of terrific towers !
• Unleash Your Army – demolish enemy villages with colorful units like the stealthy Assassin, the axe-wielding Choppah, and the dragon-bombing D-52 !
• Raid Your Rivals – conquer enemy Warlords, and earn daily tribute when you capture their Tribal Hall !
• Share Gifts With Allies – expand your fortune by exchanging bonus boxes with friends !
• Forge Mighty Alliances – join a Warband to conquer cooperative challenges and rise to the top of the leaderboards !


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