Gardens of Versailles: the official app

The Palace of Versailles and Orange invite you to discover the Gardens of Versailles, the epitome of French formal gardens and the masterpiece of their creator, André Le Nôtre.

When you arrive at the Gardens, switch on your telephone’s geolocation system and begin your visit. When you get near one of the Gardens’ many points of interest, the app provides commentary prepared by the teams of curators, gardeners, fountain engineers and architects at Versailles. 2D and 3D maps of the Gardens also help you find your way around easily.

To expand on your visit, you can download additional visits free of charge. You should notably take a look at author Erik Orsenna’s original view of the Gardens of Versailles.

During your visit, record your comments, take pictures and set up your own gallery of the Gardens. Your Facebook friends can access your gallery and take advantage of it using the app when they visit the Gardens. Careful – this function requires a 3G connection.

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