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Do you want to know how much time do you spend chatting each day?

Or on what days you are most active?

Or at what time of the day do you chat?

Then WhatStat + got you covered!

WhatStat + will provide you all those worthy insights to you in beautiful and clean graphs.

What more..
It also shows the ratio of your total time spent on Chat to total time spent on mobile.

WhatStat + is no way affiliated with WhatsApp Inc. It is only a tool which provides statistics of WhatsApp usage to users.


HoloGraphLibrary by Daneil Nadeau

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Using WhatsApp all the time? Curious who texts you the most? Do you want to know whether that crush is actually interested in you?

Find out now! Get insight in your relations and get to know who starts the most conversations, which days you are the most active and at what time you have sent the most messages. Interested in how many messages you have sent this month, or week? WhatStat tells you all!

WhatsApp forces me to ask superuser pemission from now on; they made it impossible to read out the messages without root. With the newest version of WhatStat, the newest version of WhatsApp on a non-rooted device, you will notice that WhatStat isn't working anymore. I don't harvest any data! By asking superuser rights, I'm providing everyone who still want to use my app and do trust me, the opportunity to do so.

Feel free to keep using it, if not, I'm sorry for that.

WhatStat is in no way affiliated with WhatsApp, WhatsApp inc, Facebook or any of its respective software, trademarks, logos and/or other (intellectual) property.

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