Who? the Game, play against your Facebook friends! is the game for two players where you must guess which (common) Facebook friend your opponent has as mystery friend. No bling bling or bright colors but a cardboard box on an old tablecloth. Who? is inspired on "Guess Who?" the classic game but combines today’s technology with the sentiment of the past!

Use standard questions or create your own original and personal questions that can be answered with yes or no. How well do you know your Facebook friends?

Buy extra credits for hints for accelerating the game.

Challenge your Facebook friends, no matter what platform he / she uses! Even iOS users can play this game 😉

Special game feature .. Double Trouble!
With Who? we introduce a unique game feature for our Premium users, Double Trouble!

Double Trouble doesn't give you one .. but two targets to guess! So it changes the way you ask your questions, beacause a simple Is it a man? doesn't help you that much!

So be creative in asking questions and beat your Facebook opponent in this challenging game feature.

About the App
* Based on the successful board game "Guess Who?".
* Play with your Facebook friends.
* Use standard questions or create an original another question.
* Use hints to play the game faster.
* Earn credits and use them to purchase additional hints.

The game is universal, so can be played on Android and iOS.

Premium upgrade
* Play our unique game feature Double Trouble where you have to guess 2 targets instead of just one!
* No ads .. indefinite
* 25 extra hint credits
* Play up to 250 games simultaniously!
Get the upgrade for only € 1,79

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TIP: With the first install we will download the images of your Facebookfriends so we advice that your on a Wifi connection.

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