Calculate, manage and share your group's totals with ease! All your friends can access to the totals!

Would you like to know who owes who money after a party?
Would you like to have a way to manage amounts in the long term, for your family or a group of friends?
Would you like all your friends to be able to access the totals from their Android devices?

WhoOwesWhat was made for you!

This application allows you to manage your totals with your friends : create groups, add friends to them, and enter expenses.
WhoOwesWhat calculates repayments that will minimize your transactions. Enter the repayments as people pay off their debts, and manage your groups in the long term.

Two modes are available:

1) Offline mode: You don't need an internet connection to manage your totals on your device. Instead, you will be able to send the summary by text and/or e-mail.
2) Online mode: With an internet connection you can create shared groups. Create a group, ask your friends to install the app, and they will have access to the group!

Don't hesitate to contact me (by e-mail or directly from the application menu) if you have any feedback or ideas in order to improve the app!

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