Classic Tri Peaks Solitaire With a Wild West Twist

Experience this Wild West Solitaire shootout where you have to figure out how to remove all of the cards that are dealt at the start of the game. You’re Darn Tootin’ this is the most addicting version of solitaire available today. You will have hours of fun trying to master this exciting card game. Score as high as you can as quickly as possible to beat your friend’s scores and climb to the top of the leader board. Play smart but fast since the bonus points timer counts down quickly.

How to Play:

1) Start off with10 cards
2) Select a card
3) Play off your Tri-Peak stacks as quickly as possible
4) Continue until there are no cards on the 3 pyramids

Game Features:

• High quality HD graphics and sounds
• Wild Cards that can be used as a substitute for any card
• Large and easy to manipulate cards
• One finger tap to move cards
• Supports Android tablets
• Undo your last move
• Google Play Game Circle: Beat your friends and families scores for bragging rights
• Easily played with one hand

The game of solitaire dates back to the late 16th century in northern Europe. The game arrived in France in the early 17th century and was even believed to have been played by Napoleon Bonaparte during his exile in 1816. Solitaire or as it’s known in Europe – patience, became a popular pastime and hobby with people all over France shorty after it’s arrival. Many people today use terms such as rouge at noir, La Belle Lucia and Coquette that originated in France.

Wild West Solitaire is a triple peaks version also known as TriPeaks, Three Peaks, Triple Peaks, Tri Towers as well as Trio Towers that is similar to popular apps such as Pyramid Solitaire Saga, Solitaire Mania and Solitaire TriPeaks. There are many free trip peaks solitaire games available on the app store but we feel that ours offers a smoother and more visually appealing playing experience.

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