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Increase your vocabulary and have fun doing it with this addictive word search game.

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You have 3 minutes to finish task.
If you can't guess anything else you can press give up button and the board will be opened. The words you have not guessed are marked in red. If the word is unfamiliar you can tap the word to see its definition.
This game is also good for people who wants to improve English. If you like word games like scrabble you will like this game.

There are 2 dictionaries in this game.
*Big dictionary -Nouns, verbs, plurals, may contain some unfamiliar words.
*Small dictionary – contains Mostly common nouns .
Pressing phone's 'menu' button you can choose which dictionary to use.

When you guess word with length 3 you get 3 points and additional 10 seconds.
Word with length 4 gives you 4 points and additional 15 seconds.
Word with length 5 gives you 5 points and additional 20 seconds.
Word with length 6 gives you 6 points and additional 25 seconds.
if you guess all the words you will get additional 100 points.

Hope you will enjoy playing this game.

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