Note : Known issue with a black loading screen … the game will still load.

You're in for an adrenaline rush of word making fun. Tiles fall from the top and you must use them to make words faster than they come down. There are bonus tiles and power ups that will help you to clear the tiles faster.

The longer the word and the more unique the letters, the bigger the score!

To make things more interesting there are three "Star" words on each level. You need to make each of these to earn a star for the level. Try and complete all the levels in all the worlds with all three stars!

To get through all the levels you need to keep your concentration and have a good vocabulary of words ready to use. You need to be able to think fast and keep thinking fast for a whole level.

Lots of great visuals and rich sounds to immerse you into a word making haze. Try it and let us know what you think. We love hearing from you and read every review we get.

* 3 beautifully designed worlds
* 60 all new levels
* Fast word making action
* 140,000 word dictionary (from the official Scrabble dictionary)

There are easy, medium and hard settings to tune the game more to your pace. It's unlikely you'll use hard though, unless you're a human dictionary.

* Please note that this is the Free version which allows you to play a limited amount of the game so that you can decide if you enjoy it enough to buy it.

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