400 fantastic puzzles! The biggest and best Picture Cross game on mobile.

WORLD'S BIGGEST PICTURE CROSS is a must for fans of the classic picture logic puzzle genre (known around the world as 'PICROSS', 'Nonograms', 'Hanjie' and 'Griddlers').

There are hundreds of puzzles to complete ranging from Easy to Expert difficulty. Together they make up a giant picture to explore!

▶ Solve all 400 picture puzzles
▶ Collect all 45 trophies
▶ Complete all 60 quests
▶ Unlock all 10 achievements
▶ Helpful clues if you get stuck!


Use the number clues at the edge of the grid to determine which squares to fill in, and gradually reveal the hidden picture. The game includes a quick and easy tutorial to get you started.


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