This plugin gives you a unique possibility to design your own widget with FlipClock, battery status, Weather and location info.

Weather Services PRO: it's free for you! Just install this plugin and enjoy this new app
Weather Services FREE: you can try for free the Demo version and unlock this app with J&P Gold in our app

◆ CUSTOMIZATION, CUSTOMIZATION, CUSTOMIZATION: you can do almost anything to make this widget your total customization!
– Clock/digit themes, size
– Clock background themes, size
– Texts size, color placement
– Icon size
– Battery icon type
– GPS Location name
– Further to this, you can customize in the WS app more widget settings as Fonts colors, widget background color and transparency, Hi/Lo temp color etc

◆ TEST IT FOR FREE: You can see a free demo with various designs and customizations of the widget. Simply install the Free version of Weather Services app, add the included demo widget "WS Flip Clock & Battery Designed" to your mobile desktop and run the demo in the app:
WS App / Menu / Settings / Themes and customization / FLipclock widget customization / Start flip clock designer demo

◆ WEATHER DATA: Weather Services app gives you all the weather information for your location: temperature, precipitation, cloudiness, wind direction and speed, pressure and humidity + weather data provider selection and a miriade of further customizations

This is a plugin to Weather Services app. It's free for the WS Pro users, for WS Free users, to unlock this demo version to the full functionality, you need some in-app currency (J&P Gold). You can get the J&P Gold in several ways – loyalty earnings, gifts, rewards, vouchers, in-app activities, purchase via Google in-app wallet or earn free gold with implemented TapJoy engine for f.e trying free games or watching videos.

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