A happy, healthy life is made of small actions. To do it, we all need a little inspiration and support. YOU-app, Jamie Oliver and other experts give you daily micro-actions for Food, Mind, Move, and Love, which you complete with a picture. Take small actions to better you with the most good-hearted app on Google Play!

The beautiful, simple, visual and social YOU-app makes change simple and fun.

***What YOU-app does***
– Sustainable positive change is best in small steps, or “micro-actions”
– YOU-app gives you daily micro-actions, which you complete with a picture
– The actions celebrate food, mindfulness, movement, and the things we love
– Make an action your “Keep-it-up Action” to repeat and create a habit!
– Positive people give you energy – connect with a global community of likeminded people, or share your journey with just your friends

***Actions from the best experts***
Jamie Oliver is part of our team to inspire you to eat better!

“It's been very exciting focusing on how YOU-app can really help inspire people every day. Micro-actions are the way forward for real sustainable positive change and I know people in the community will enjoy the Action of the Day and the bite sized content that we will share with them“ -Jamie Oliver

***User feedback is our fuel***
This app is all about YOU. Hear what our users say:

“I think you really have something here! Its kind of what i was looking for without actually knowing i was looking for it in the first place.”

“I have to thank you so much for the app, I find myself being more aware of what I do with my time – all in such a positive manner”

“this app has given me a little inspiration to make life a bit better. I’ve just come back from my first run in 6+ months, just one step at a time”

***Contact us***
Have ideas, feedback or want to reach out to the YOU-team?

Love, YOU-team

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