There are many myths and legends, just like there are many biblical stories that have been passed on to many generations. These stories include the likes of the creation of the World and the epic battle between the Olympian, Zeus and the Titans.
It is a new breed of "God of War" like pokies for your Mobile devices, following the adventures of the child of Cronus and Rhea in Temple of Zeus, Olympia. In this gambling game, you’ll be treated a perfectly developed storyline, brutal breed of RPG elements, graphic combat, and hidden golden treasures.
Be bewitched in Zeus VS Titans Slots 2.0, an intense fantasy slots adventure where you’ll fight titans using the magic of the imaginary slot machines lever. In this MyVegas style of gameplay you’ll be playing as Zeus, who uses his thunderbolt, and his minions (eagle, bull, and oak) to fight against the Titans while uncovering his own history and his children (Heracles, Helen of Troy, Athena, Hermes, Persephone, Apollo, Artemis, Dionysus, Perseus, Minos, and the Muses).
The over top nature of this Big Bonus Jackpots journey is evident almost everywhere from the character designs, gameplay, and 3D environments.
This epic Odyssey is set in the decaying land of the Mountain of Olymus, you control Zeus in his quest to save his children from the illness of the Titans. In order to do so you’ll team up with Saguittarius (scatter symbol) and two companions Hera (wild symbol) and Danae. The gameplay is very reminiscent of the original video slots with players exploring the wonderful World of Greek Mythology, where you’ll constantly encounter enemies Gods to fight for loots (diamonds and gold coins), and free spins. The game is much more than your typical slot machines game though with the game mixing in some unique animation and cool effect to mix things up.
Just like other games in the genre slots, it is very focused on freebies and huge jackpots. Zeus VS Titans Slots 2.0 does a pretty good job of slowly unlocking these stuff so you won't feel overwhelmed and constantly have that carrot-on-a-stick progression that you need in a progressive slots game. To create gameplay variety, you’ll also enjoy the mythological characters that often appear throughout the game levels.
With solid foundations, this game is definitely a win that is worthy of the hours you’ll put into it. Die hard gamblers and fans of the series will surely like the direction the game takes.
Zeus VS Titans Slots 2.0 is yet another great addition to the franchise, with a high level of flair in final fantasy like combat that you would expect from a game from Tolik.
It’s by far the strongest story of the series as the fluidity of the game is cleverly applied.

Key Features

• Unlockable Transformations
• Hundreds of Loots to Collect
• Awesome Animations & Effects
• User-friendly Interface
• Lots of Challenging Levels
• Battle with the Titans with 2 Companions
• Leaderboards
• Bonus Jackpots (Randomly Triggered)
• For Android Devices

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