Zombify – Give yourself a ZOMBIE face that moves, bites, and more!

USA TODAY – "I can't get enough of turning myself into an animated Zombie (Zombify)” – Jennifer Jolly

Zombify is the zombie face booth that will transform you into a biting, groaning, brain-eating zombie! It's undead augmented reality… for your FACE!

– Tons of undead mouth, eye & face options
– Stick crossbow bolts, crowbars and other weapons in your zombie faces
– Add creepy creatures to your corpses… Snakes, roaches, maggots… oh my!
– Pick image filters to get just the right grunge factor for videos and photos
– Create “Underwater”, “Subway”, “Buried” and more awesomely scary zombie environments

– "Bite" your friends by sharing
– Easily share photos with MMS, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, and Email, and Gmail
– Use "Infections" to unlock special effects and weapons.

– Use a flamethrower on your zombies! Electrocute them, blast them with a shotgun, get them eaten by monster piranhas… then export the videos!
– From dangling eyeballs to moving maggots, your zombies come to life… despite being VERY dead…

The Dead. Walkers. Biters. Geeks. Roamers. Lame brains. Lurkers. Zekes. Whatever you call ‘em, you’re about to be one.

Follow the spread of the zombie virus on Instagram at @apptly and share your SCARIEST creations using #zombify.

Zombify yourself!

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